The onset of the Coronavirus has created a significant spike in job loss across the United States. The increase in layoffs and furloughs have caused hundreds of thousands of people to struggle to feed their families. As a part of the Subaru Love Promise, Subaru dealerships are partnering with Feeding America to help local communities facing difficulties. Williams Subaru, serving Dewitt, is participating to benefit the Greater Lansing Food Bank. We plan to donate 70,694 meals to assist families struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goal of Subaru Loves to Help Initiative at Williams Subaru

The primary goal of the Subaru Loves to Help initiative is to provide meals to 199 food banks across the United States. Williams Subaru, serving East Lansing, is one of numerous Subaru dealers working to achieve this incredible goal through the Subaru-Feeding America partnership. With all the devastation caused by the Coronavirus, we want to do our part to support those suffering financial hardship, especially when it comes to feeding their spouses and children.

How Subaru Love Promise Supports the Local Community

Subaru has always been more than a car company in the eyes of those near Holt, MI. Subaru Love Promise is the main way that we serve our Michigan community, and Subaru Loves to Help is one of many ways that we use to reach out to those in need. The Greater Lansing Food Bank is a local Lansing organization that we trust to carry out Feeding America's mission. If you want to join in supporting the Greater Lansing Food Bank, contact Williams Subaru in Lansing, MI. We're always looking for community volunteers who love to help just like Subaru.

The 70,694 meals donated by your Lansing Subaru dealer is only a portion of the 50 million meals donated to Feeding America by Subaru. See how you can make a difference by contacting Williams Subaru, serving Haslett, MI.

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