Using Your Subaru Maintenance Schedule 'Look-Up' Tool

At Williams Subaru, we encourage our clients to utilize the Subaru Maintenance Schedule look-up tool. This helps to increase owner confidence in the servicing needed at any given time or mileage milestone reached.

And it's easy to use, even from home in Lansing, MI.

The Importance of Regular Subaru Maintenance Near Haslett, MI

Every new Subaru model comes with a maintenance schedule to adhere to. And dependent upon the model, there are certain dates to come that warrant servicing of key Subaru systems.

Though, how would you know when these dates arrive and what should then happen near East Lansing?

The answer to this is simple.

The online, Subaru Maintenance Schedule look-up tool will identify what services are needed and when, per your specific Subaru model.

How do I use the Subaru Maintenance Schedule look-up tool?

When accessing the tool, you'll be prompted to enter your Subaru model VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Or you may start by supplying model year, with the following steps to complete:

  • You're then presented with your Subaru model to select as well as the appropriate trim level.
  • Enter mileage accrued.
  • With that comes a complete menu of services to be performed per mileage earned. These comprise "service intervals," which are set for every 6,000-miles accrued or six-month periods.

Using this as reference, you'll know exactly what needs to be performed.

How do I schedule my Subaru service date near Dewitt?

When you've identified your service interval, simply access the schedule service link. You may then select a date and time convenient for your factory-suggested maintenance to be performed.

And most often, maintenance procedures are performed while you wait.

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